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Price Table of ED Drugs
(Shinbashi Clinic)

診察費 価格
医師による診察費 0円 (税込)費用はお薬代のみ
薬剤名 メーカー 容量 価格
Cialis®Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd.20 mg (1 tablet)1,800yen (w/tax)
10 mg (1 tablet)1,700yen (w/tax)
Generic Ciaris
Generic CiarisSawai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.20 mg (1 tablet)1,400yen (w/tax)
10 mg (1 tablet)1,350yen (w/tax)
Levitra®Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd.20 mg (1 tablet)1,800yen (w/tax)
Generic_LevitraSawai,inc.20 mg (1 tablet)1,600yen (w/tax)
10 mg (1 tablet)1,500yen (w/tax)
Viagra®Pfizer Japan, Inc.50 mg (1 tablet)1,500yen (w/tax)
25 mg (1 tablet)1,300yen (w/tax)
Generic Viagra
Generic ViagraYoshindo, Inc.50 mg (1 tablet)980yen (w/tax)
Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.50 mg (1 tablet)980yen (w/tax)
Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.50 mg (1 tablet)980yen (w/tax)
25 mg (1 tablet)440yen (w/tax)
25 mg (1 tablet)550yen (w/tax)
Towa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.50 mg (1 tablet)980yen (w/tax)
Viagra OD Film®
Viagra OD Film®Pfizer Japan, Inc.50 mg (1 sheet)1,000yen (w/tax)
25 mg (1 sheet)800yen (w/tax)

We are a trusted clinic
providing authentic products

Some drugs which are not approved in Japan may look like approved products.

East Ekimae Clinics

Authentic products

A Clinic

Drugs not approved
in Japan

B Clinic

Drugs not approved
in Japan

Of clinics which prescribe medication for ED treatment, there are some which prescribe drugs that have been imported from overseas and are not approved in Japan. The quality of these drugs is not assured, since non-official medical products may contain different amount of active ingredient from that shown on the label or no active ingredient at all.
Furthermore, the color and shape of non-approved drugs may look extremely similar to official medical products, and even experts may find it difficult to distinguish them unless directly compared with the genuine product. There have been cases of serious side effects after taking non-approved drugs. It is critical that you choose a clinic which prescribes medical products which are officially recognized in Japan in order to receive safe treatment.

Even if drugs are written about in magazines and such,
non-approved drugs are not safe.

Fourth ED drug “Stendra” Drug not approved in Japan

In Japan, the only drugs officially approved for ED treatment are “Viagra®,” “Generic Viagra,” “Levitra®,” and “Cialis®.”
Even if you see other drugs for ED treatment on websites or in magazines, drugs other than those above are not approved in Japan.
Aside from non-approved drugs being purchasable online, there are even ED treatment clinics that prescribe drugs which are not approved in Japan. Please be careful as non-approved drugs can cause serious side effects.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment

It’s now easier than ever to receive ED treatment since the recent advent of generic drugs and introduction of multiple new drugs other than Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, increasing the options of patients. At East Ekimae Clinic Shinbashi, our visiting hours are until 8 p.m., and given that we are located within a 1-minutue walk from the station, you can stop by on your way home from work or during your lunch break. At our clinic, since we do not require your insurance card and the only costs are for drugs, we are able to prescribe relatively affordable drugs for ED treatment without your company or family having to know. If you would like to see more information before visiting us, you can check out accounts on our website of people who have actually used drugs for ED treatment.


Tokyo, Minato-ku, Shinbashi 1 chome-15-7, Shinbashi NF Building, B1,105-0004

By the JR lines:
1-minute walk from JR Shinbashi Station, Hibiya Exit

By the Tokyo Metro:
0-minute walk from Ginza Line/Marunouchi Line, Shinbashi Station, Shinbashi-Uchisaiwaicho Underpass, Exit B

By the Toei Subway:
2-minute walk from Mita Line, Uchisaiwaicho Station Exit A2

By the Toei Subway:
3-minute walk from Toei Asakusa Line, Shinbashi Station Exit 6

By Yurikamome:
5-minute walk from Shinbashi Station, Exit A1

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
Weekend and Public Holiday
Clinic Holidays

Note:  The reception desk is open until 10 minutes before closing time.
English conslutant available only on Sunday.

Clinic Director

イースト駅前クリニック新橋院 加藤 淳 院長

Jun Kato, MD


  • Graduated from the National Defense Medical College

  • Resident doctor at National Defense College Hospital/Mishuku Hospital

  • Kaiho Hospital (Tatebayashi), Gastroenterological Surgery

  • Ishiyama Hospital (Sapporo), Proctology and Gastro surgery

  • Epworth Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

  • GP at Oofuji North Clinic (Amagasaki)

  • R&D Director at various foreign based pharmaceutical companies

  • Appointed as Director of East Ekimae Clinic Shinbashi